Take Control of Where You Publish Your Listings

by on 20 May 2014

Sometimes you may not want to publish your listings to all of our partner websites. You may only want properties to appear in EasyAviso but not to other sites. Before you could only choose whether a specific property would be published on all of our partner websites or on none of them. Now from a company level you can choose exactly which sites any published listings in your account will appear on.

To choose which partners your properties will be published on, go to the Settings menu in your EasyBroker account and click on Publish Settings.


Here you’ll see a list of all the real estate portals where you can publish your listings. Simply mark or unmark the portal where you would like to publish and within 24 to 48 hours your changes will take affect.

We plan to add several new partners in the near future and with this change you can easily decide for yourself where you would like your listings to appear.

Meet our latest partner: Propiedades.com

by on 16 May 2014

Great news! As of now, your listings will also appear on Propiedades.com, our newest partner. Propiedades.com is a real estate portal focused exclusively on Mexico.


Your listings will automatically be published on Propiedades.com; just remember, as with all our partner sites, it can take up to 48 hours before they actually appear online. We hope this new addition will help you generate even more leads.

One-Click Publishing and Flexible Featured Property Slideshows

by on 08 May 2014


Publish your properties with one click using the new publish property page. Before, you had to go through five steps to publish or create a property, which was a bit tedious especially if you’re publishing lots of properties. The enhancement makes it much easier and quicker to upload properties and even more so if you’re using a mobile device.


One field that you may notice is missing from the publish page is the Mark as featured property checkbox. By default we now show all your published properties that have images as featured properties on your website. If you prefer to select which properties show on a featured property page you can now filter them by tag. This new feature allows you to create various featured property pages that show different sets of properties.


To change which property shows up on a featured property page:

  • Open the EasyBroker Website Editor
  • Click the Pages tab
  • Select the page you would like to edit
  • Scroll to the Filter Tags section in the right column (Note: the option only appears if the layout is Featured Properties)
  • Enter any tags that you want to filter by
  • Press the Update button


Enjoy the new features and as always let us know if you have any feedback.

Use the New Marketing Report to See How You’re Generating Leads

by on 07 March 2014

We recently added a new marketing report to each property so that you can get a quick summary of which sources are generating the most leads for you. The report gives you a break down of leads you’ve captured over the last 7, 15 or 30 days and since the property was published. The report is very handy for keeping the owners informed of how popular their property is and it’s great for helping you figure out which lead sources provide the best return on your investment.

You are gonna love the new EasyBroker!

by on 07 March 2014

Also checkout the new design on your smartphone or tablet

Have you seen the new EasyBroker yet? We just launched a complete redesign that looks amazing not only on your desktop but tablet and smartphone too. Now you can easily follow up with leads and upload your listings from anywhere.

We’ve also made it easier and faster to search your contacts by text. Search by name, title, company, email and phone number from either the main search box or from the contacts page.

Perform contact searches from any screen

We hope that you enjoy and find the new changes useful.