Real Estate Software Reviews

Posted on 20 October 2009 by

I put together this list to help our clients know what different real estate software solutions are available and make an informed decision on choosing the right product. We’re open with our opinions (maybe even too much so) so I even added a few candid reviews.
Real Estate Software
I limited the list to real estate software solutions that either provide Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) software and/or software for creating and managing a real estate website. I only listed a product as having a CRM if it provides some basic management of leads, contacts, tasks and communications.

I also limited the list to only those products specifically designed for the real estate industry. There are many generic CRMs and tools for building websites but I wanted to keep the list focused on real estate specific software.

Here’s a quick review of a few that I thought were worth checking out:

Of course you knew I was going to include EasyBroker. I think it’s an great solution for teams, easy-to-use and you can build a professional website that is optimized for search engines. It lacks email newsletters and drip emails on the marketing side and it would be great if it provided a way to add additional fields and synchronize contacts.

Top Producer 8i is probably the most complete solution with all the bells & whistles you could ever want however it’s not cheap and from my cursory look appears to have a steep learning curve to get started.

Point2 Agent is a reasonably priced web based solution that includes some powerful marketing tools such as drip emails and listing syndication. I found the CRM portion to be a bit clunky and the websites were fairly ugly but might be good for you if you only want the marketing portions excluding the website.

If you don’t need or want software that is integrated with your website and prefer to install applications on your personal computer I think Act! For Real Estate 11 and Real Estate Success Tools are worth checking out. Real Estate Success Tools was also the only non web-based solution that I found that you can use on a Mac.

vFlyer is a nice solution for sending out email flyers and syndicating your property listings on various websites. It’s also great if you want to build individual websites for each of your listings.

I created this list primarily based on conversations with real estate agents and by searching Google so I’m sure I missed a few. I also wasn’t able to test every product listed below but did try out those that I thought looked the most promising and I could try without purchasing. If you would like me add a product to the list please leave a comment mentioning the product along with the information for each column in the table below.

Product NamePriceCRMWebsitePlatformMulti User
Act! For Real Estate 11$299-$469 per userYesNoWindowsYes
Advantage Xi$345-$445YesNoWindowsNo
Advantez€99-199 per monthYesNoWebYes
Agent 360$19.95-89.90 per monthYesNoWebYes
Agent Business Builder$449-$1125WindowsYes
Agent Office$295-$598+YesNoWindowsYes
EasyBroker$49-$199 per monthYesYesWebYes
iHouse$24.98-$49.98+ per month NoYesWebNo
Open-ReatlyFree-$199 + $60 per yearNoYesWebNo
PG Real Estate$499-$1299NoYesWebYes
Point2 Agent$9.95-$119.95 per monthYesYesWebNo
Real Estate Client Management$89.00YesNoWindowsNo
Real Estate Success Tools$399-$1995+YesNoWindows/MacYes
RealAgent Accelerator$179.99 + $89.99 per userYesNoWindowsYes
RealFuture CRM 2.0Free-$299 per year/userYesNoWebYes
RealtyJuggler$99 per year/userYesNoWebYes
RealtySoft Free IDXFree-$59.95NoYesWebNo
Sharper Agent$29.95-$49.90 per monthYesNoWebNo
The Wise Agent$24.95 per monthYesNoWebNo
Top Producer 8i$39-$249 per month/userYesYesWebYes

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    • http://www, scott schmitz


      I wanted to thank you for mentioning RealtyJuggler. I also wanted to correct you on the multi-user capabilities of RealtyJuggler. RealtyJuggler works great for multiple users and agents who want to share their databases with partners and assistants. We even offer solutions for entire offices who need to share information (such as lead distribution). There’s no extra fee for multi-user access, its part of the basic package.

      Scott Schmitz
      RealOrganized, Inc.

    • Eric Northam

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for pointing out the error. I made the correction.


    • Raj

      Point2 agent is not really a crm. Its mainly a website provider.

    • Eric Northam

      Thanks for the comment Raj,

      I think the website portion of Point2 is actually horrible from a design and SEO perspective. For me their email marketing and syndication of properties is where they provide value. They do provide some lead management tied into their email but it’s fairly primitive and not very useful. It’s a little tough to draw a line and say who provides CRM and who doesn’t.

    • Randy

      Hi Eric,

      I found this article and wanted to mention We’ve been providing real estate and lending websites since 2002. Price has always been $40 setup and $35/month and will never change. Our new version 2 is being well received. We’ve had many people say it is the best they have found in their research. We offer a trial website prior to ordering to help people compare our product against others. No contract, so we have to earn your business every month.

    • pascal clemens

      hi i am looking for a real estate multi user crm website seo software…i am looking at your list which seems to me pretty complete, the list is great but it would be a HUGH help if you could point out the upsides and downsides of each other words which one to pick…?? we are a small company with 10 agents in an upscale market…can you help ? a ranking would be awesome…

      rgds pc

    • Steve John

      Clavax Technologies is a provider of online real estate management software that is designed keeping in mind your businesses unique function and processes. The real estate management software can facilitate you in efficiently maintaining the database of your listings, prospective buyers & sellers, besides being able to cater to the mobile

      real estate software solutions company California

    • Eric Northam

      Hi Pascal,

      I haven’t used enough of the products to give a full breakdown and comparison. I also didn’t want to rank them because I have a biased view since our product is on the list. Feel free to give me a call at 443-270-2253 or email me with more details about your business and market and I’ll try to figure out what would be a good solution for your business.


    • brice

      And Open Realty (

    • Eric Northam

      Thanks for the comment Brice. I just added Open-Realty to the list.

    • Teresa

      Does anyone know anything about Rent Manager?

    • Fabrice

      I found free-realty, a fork of open-realty

    • dinesh yadav

      Could you also include a review of EstatePlus?
      It comes from Nahar Technologies (P) Ltd, a company based in Bangalore, India. I’m including the link for your info.


    • Sujairrigation


      For More Details Visit

    • Kelly Jones

       Great post. Here’s a tool that lets you build
      your real estate applications fast and without coding. Just point-and-click

    • Lewsidius

      Has anyone used Realty Juggler
      Is it good, does anyone like it?

    • Tom Taranto

      I use it. It is snappy, stable, syncs with Google Apps and seems to have everything you need

    • Abel Valdivielso

      The best -> based in SugarCRM

    • Ashley

      Has anyone used or
      Is it worth the time to use?

    • Anonymous

      Well Zoho looks likes it´s worth trying, you can even use it for free with up to three people. Problem is that it´s a generic CRM so I don´t know how good it will meet up to the needs of real estate management.

      As for I personally wouldn´t use it if I was looking for a real estate CRM. is actually not a CRM, it´s only a cool to do list so it doesn´t provide any lead, property or contact management…

    • Kevin

      Great post and thanks for sharing. Based on your research, do you know if any of these above (or not above) offer a alternative to Top Producer Market Snapshot?

    • Greg Stargell

      Anyone tried Profitgrabber Pro?

    • Steve

      If you are a commercial real estate broker, take a look at for a cloud CRM application that integrates Google maps and can also be used on an iPad. It is designed for the transactional side (sales and leasing) and includes interactive stacking plans.

    • Nelson

      Do any of these contact management programs have the ability to search keywords in a contact’s file?

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