Want to get hired? Write a kick ass cover letter!

Posted on 10 October 2010 by

We just started looking for a Superstar Bilingual Assistant to join our team which means I’ve begun the painful task of weeding through tons of resumes and emails from applicants once again. It’s a painful because it’s amazing how little people appear to want to be hired.

We (often meaning just me) may not even take a look at your resume if you don’t have a compelling cover letter. A good cover letter shows me that you can write well, that you’re interesting, you have a clue about what we do and how you’re a good fit for our team. Surprisingly most people consider a cover letter to be one or two sentences explaining that a resume is attached and that the they look forward to hearing from us. Sorry, not interested. Or I also often receive more than two sentences but in the form of a canned cover letter. Sorry but if you don’t have time to write a custom cover letter, I don’t have time to review your resume.

I have received a few wonderful cover letters. One was from a candidate I wouldn’t have considered based on her resume alone. Her cover letter made me laugh, showed that she clearly knew what we did and she gave examples of how she could help us. I phone interviewed and invited her into the office for an in-person interview even though she was missing one of the core requirements for the position. We didn’t end up hiring her but the cover letter got her the interview and I have her in mind should we have an opening in the future that is more suited to her skills.

The cover letter is the first impression you make. Make a good one and you’ll definitely get more interviews.

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  • Hernán Alejo Souto

    My name is Hernán Souto, I am a Bachelor in Communications and I am applying for the Online Marketing Guru position. I think that I would be the right person for this job. I am a very creative person, who is interested in technology, video games, likes writing and designing ads. I am a though worker and I am also keen on group working.
    Besides I believe that this would be a great opportunity for me to grow as a professional, to learn a lot of things in an excellent enviroment and to gain some weight eating snacks and caffeinated drinks, cause I am a bit thin.
    Hope hearing from you.

    Hernán A. Souto

  • Eric Northam

    Hi Hernán,

    Thanks for the comment but unfortunately you’ll need to follow the steps for applying that are included in the job posting.

  • charlewood67

    We (often meaning just me) may not even take a look at your resume if you don

  • Maximiliano Machado

    Hello, I am a 29 year old versatile of both languages and cultures. I’ve grown up half of my life in Urugay/Argentina and half in Chicago IL. I am a musician and a writer, have studied Alternative Medicine and sciences of the bodies both in the USA and in Aisa. I believe that I might be a good fit for this job mainly because of my knowledge of both cultures and experience in both. My creativity and inspiration will also be a big help in getting the job done.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Maximiliano Machado

  • Chris Gonzaga

     To whom this may Concern.

    My name its Chris im 23 years old im
    originally from Mexico city at the age of 7 i was taken by my parents to
    the U.S i currently been back for almost 7 months and realized the
    potential and market that Mexico City has.I seen your add in Craigslist
    about looking for someone to manage a team and the company.

    I have experience in creating a market in a new city or country i
    recently worked with Mobiapp and we started from scratch working out of
    cafes and not knowing anybody in Mexico.

    My job was to find a way to prospect and make  the sales and was
    sucessful at getting into big companys as well as small companies.

    I also hired and trained personal from telemarketers to salesman and
    assistants.Created seminars and events to teach péople about Mobile

    I have made some great contacts and can pretty much get anywhere in Mexico city.

    I have experience in Organizing the company and kepping track of
    everthing that happens in the company from daily to weekly reports. to
    Accountability for the company.

    I am the best of the best,young and hungry for success.

    I actually have meet Eric at a tech startup.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Chris Gonzaga

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chris. Thank you for your interest! I believe you might be taking about the Country Manager opening in Mexico City. Unfortunately we have already hired someone but if your interested in applying for another position send us your info as indicated in the job posting and we´ll get back to you.