View Potential Clients on Your Properties

Posted on 21 May 2013 by

Have you used saved searches yet? Saved searches allow you to store exactly what a client is looking for in EasyBroker and you can choose to receive alerts so that EasyBroker notifies you each morning by email if any properties were published on the previous day matching what your clients are looking for.

Saved searches are very useful but many times you also want to know which of your contacts might be interested in a specific property. We recently added a new tab called Potential Leads to the property overview page so that you can see all contacts that might be interested in the property you’re reviewing. In order that contacts appear in the tab you must have contacts with saved searches that match the current property.

For example if I create a saved search for Josh Almonte who is looking to rent an apartment in Condesa for $15,000 pesos or less, when I view the Potential Clients tab on a rental  in Condesa that costs less than $15,000 pesos, Josh will show up. You can then call or email him to see if he would be interested in the property. This new feature should help you or your sales team provide more proactive service and close more deals.

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